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Jan 28, 2021 | Property Focus, Salcombe

Hotels vs holiday cottages; everyone has their preferences when they go on holiday, and the Brits love to get away for some sun. Salcombe is a destination to please all, with the option of beach-side hotels, luxury cottages to rent and even camping!

Meanwhile, the UK has started to roll out the Covid-19 vaccines and holidaymakers can finally start to plan their post-pandemic getaway. Salcombe has always been famous for our tourism, meaning the past year has been incredibly different. 

However, 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone and in these unprecedented times, we can’t help but try to find the silver lining within the rain cloud. For most of the UK, that silver lining is the thought of a holiday in summer 2021. We think we all deserve a relaxing break, and why not make the most of it with a luxury holiday cottage in Salcombe. 

Holiday Cottages Have More Space

Our Salcombe holiday cottages can home any size group, from couples to groups of 20. For example, our Mandalay can accommodate 14 people with ample space to cook, relax and unwind. Whether you’re looking to plan a romantic getaway after months of homeschooling or a family reunion, our holiday cottages can accommodate you. 

A luxury holiday rental allows you space and freedom to spend time with each other in privacy. There’s almost nothing as relaxing as having your own space to truly de-stress after a hard year. When you’re chilling out on your well-deserved break, you don’t want to be woken up at 7:00am by a crying baby down the hallway. 

Landmark Large Holiday Home

But with a Salcombe Finest holiday cottage, you can practice your morning yoga or snuggle up in your favourite pyjamas without worry that you’ll be disturbed by housekeeping.

Furthermore, while others might be excited to get out and about in public again, some might still want to keep at a social distance. Renting a holiday cottages means you get to control who you come in contact with. If you want to plan your getaway to be Covid-safe, a holiday rental is for you. 


Have you ever booked a hotel room and then last minute another family member wants to come along? A big fear of holiday planning is something going wrong. Whether it’s the dog-sitter cancelling or your daughter’s new boyfriend wanting to come – changes to your holiday plan can be stress-inducing. 

With hotels, it can be incredibly tricky to accommodate any last-minute changes you might have. On the other hand, holiday cottages are a lot more flexible than hotel bookings. Meaning, if the dog-sitter falls through you might be able to bring the pup with you to one of our many dog-friendly cottages

Opting for self-catering is also a major benefit if you have children, dietary restrictions or prefer to eat on your own schedule. Do the children want a BBQ? No problem! Lots of our holiday cottages have outdoor cooking and dining areas. As well as extensive kitchens for you to cook to your heart’s desire! A Salcombe Finest holiday allows you the flexibility to even book a private chef if you would like.

Live Like a Salcombe Local 

Salcombe is a small town filled with locals that have personality for miles. Our local culture is filled with a love of the sea, whether that’s the relaxing sound of the waves or the tasty Salcombe crab depends on who you ask! Many of our holiday lettings are situated in the heart of Salcombe’s booming local culture, meaning you can truly live like a local. 

Our holiday cottages are designed specifically to feel like a home away from home, with cosy features like fireplaces and comfy sofas with blankets. You will truly be able to relax in your own home and feel like a local as well. Our holiday homes are also all unique and specific to Salcombe culture. Whereas hotel rooms are designed to be practical, and often don’t offer you the bespoke experience that a luxury holiday let can. 

If you get to know your neighbours they might be able to tell you some hidden gems around Salcombe, or even show you the best bits!

Salcombe Cottages with Private Hot Tub


The pandemic has all made us a lot more aware of the speed a virus can spread. For some, your post-lockdown break might not be a break from social distancing. So, a Salcombe holiday cottage with your own private hot tub is the perfect solution. 

A private hot tub means you have the control. There aren’t any open and closing times and you don’t have to wake up early to secure a bed. No worries about being splashed by children, or too much noise when you have the hot tub all to yourself.

A huge benefit of holiday cottages over hotels is the privacy they provide. In one of our Salcombe lettings with a hot tub, you can relax on the sunny terrace to melt away all your stress. A private hot tub is what we all need after the last year.

The best holidays are stress-free, easy and might include a few bottles of wine. We’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and Salcombe can’t wait to open back up to tourists and holidaymakers. With the Covid-19 vaccine rolling out all over the UK, it’s finally time to start planning your ultimate post-pandemic holiday. Will you be booking into one of our luxury holiday lettings?

Never hesitate to contact us here at Salcombe Finest if you have any queries about our holiday cottages. We look forward to welcoming you back to our beautiful seaside town soon.

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