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Dec 5, 2014 | Activities, Salcombe

With the health and fitness industry telling us to eat less and move more, here are some suggestions for getting that body into shape during a holiday in Salcombe. But we’ve given it a little twist – these are seriously fun and alternative ways to get fit and active in Salcombe – forget that treadmill!

1. SUP Yoga

We’ve all heard about yoga and have that friend who waxes lyrical about the positive effects of downward dog… You have probably heard about (and seen if you’ve visited Salcombe in the last couple of years) stand up paddleboarding – or SUP – which involves standing on a big version of a surfboard and using a paddle to propel yourself across the water.

New to Salcombe is a combo of the two – SUP Yoga! We gave it a go in the summer with Hang Ten Yoga and it was a challenge to keep balanced but great fun! A portion of the session involved lying on our backs to stretch, closing our eyes and relaxing. It was truly magical to hear the sea tinkling against the board as we bobbed on the top of the water.

Hang Ten are excellent and offer land-based yoga as well as SUP Yoga. Definitely one to try next time you’re in Salcombe.

2. The Natural Gym

Personal training with The Natural Gym down in the South Hams is a little bit different from your average PT experience! The sessions are based predominantly outside on beaches using features of the natural and manmade environment. Having trained with the wonderful Devi Majumdar for a couple of years, we have tackled sprints up and down the sand dunes at South Milton Sands, pull-ups in the Salcombe playground and kettle bell swings on Mill Bay.

The sessions are never a walk in the park but your surroundings definitely help to inspire, plus you can have a dip in the sea to cool down afterward!

3. Hashing

It could sound like your local drugs group, but this is actually a running club whose name originally comes from the sport of hare chasing. Their mantra these days is ‘a drinking club with a running problem’!

A hash blends running with orienteering as groups of ‘hounds’ chase a chalk ‘hare’ across the countryside, treading the previous weekend’s excesses into the pavement.

For Salcombe, the local group are the South Hams Hash House Harriers – a very sociable bunch who would love to welcome you for a run/pint when you’re next in the area.

4. Sailing

Being a coastal town it makes complete sense to get out onto the water and go sailing. Dynamic duo and RYA trained Ross and Zoe have taken over Salcombe Dinghy Sailing. They offer professional tuition for groups or one-to-ones around the estuary. And don’t you go thinking this is a summer only activity – there is always wind and Salcombe Dinghy Sailing is open all year long.

p.s. you don’t need a wetsuit in winter – just wrap up warm and wear some wellies!

5. Coasteering

Put simply, this is all about climbing up rocks and jumping into the water! Fantastic fun (and a surprising workout to climb up rocks with the adrenaline pumping). But you also get to really explore the local area seeing magnificent caves, rock formations and local wildlife. As a brucey-bonus you will meet the effervescent Ali who runs Sea n Shore – the only company in Salcombe to offer coasteering.

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