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Mar 11, 2020 | Property Focus, Salcombe

Looking to visit Salcombe but not sure if you should bring along your electric car for fear of running out of charge? Find out where you can charge your electric car in Salcombe. 

In the last few years, there has been a surge in the number of car owners trading in their petrol or diesel vehicles for more eco-friendly alternatives. The electric car has grown in popularity in recent years with owners choosing them for their environmental and cost-friendly benefits. In fact, in October 2019, electric cars account for 10% of all car sales in the UK. There are currently over 260,000 electric-powered vehicles on UK roads.

Of course, electric cars need to charge and, if you own an electric car, being able to charge your vehicle will be a big factor in choosing a holiday destination.

Where can I charge my electric car in Salcombe?

There are a couple of electric car charging points in Salcombe, some very close to our holiday homes. That means you can bring your car without worrying about being left with a dead battery.

Harbour Hotel & Spa
The most central electric car charging point in Salcombe can be found at the Salcombe Harbour Hotel and Spa. There are 2 charging points available. One is a 7kW 32A Tesla Type 2 and another where you can bring your own cable. Guests can request use from the hotel. As you can see from our map below, this charging location is extra convenient for guests at our Gull Rock, Lofthouse  Blackstone  and Bamboo House holiday homes as they are all on the same road as the hotel.

South Sands Hotel & Restaurant
There is also another electric car charging point at the South Sands Hotel and Restaurant. which is very close to our holiday homes White Horses and Murrawingi. This also has 1 x 7kW 32A Tesla Type 2 electric car charging point. It is advisable to call in advance to gain permission from the hotel.

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