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Crabbing in Salcombe

Crabbing in Salcombe is a wonderful pastime popular with all the family. We regularly see happy faces of all ages crabbing along the wall of Victoria Quay and around towards the lifeboat station. Nearly all of our luxury Salcombe holiday lets are close to the best crabbing spots so you won’t miss out on the fun.

For those staying with Salcombe Finest with our Luxe service levels, we will give each child under the age of 10 a brand new crabbing linen, bucket and spade, plus some bacon in the fridge for bait. You can read more about the VIP treatment you’ll receive with our Salcombe Luxe service level.

Your challenge – to catch as many small shore crabs (not to be confused with the large edible brown crabs caught out at sea using crab pots). They are sneaky little things with a keen sense of smell – and your bait is crucial!

Once you have your crabbing kit – crabbing line, net, bucket filled with sea water, you’ll need to select your ultimate bait – the smellier the better! Easy to get hold of is bacon, but for more success, try and get your hands on a mackerel head.

Throw your line out as far as possible into the sea and ideally over seaweed where the crabs might be hiding. Of real importance is what the tide is doing – if it’s coming in, your chances are much better!

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