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Mar 15, 2021 | Activities, Salcombe

Devonshire is known as one of Britain’s best holiday destinations for the summer months. With amazing weather, gorgeous beaches and great food, who can deny that Salcombe is a dream destination for all times of year, not just July and August. Visiting Salcombe for a holiday in May is perfect for out of season travellers looking for a relaxing break from reality. 

We believe there is never an ‘off season’ in a place as breathtaking as South Devon, however if you are lucky enough to have flexibility when planning your travels then we would highly recommend visiting us in our less busy months. Aside from saving a bit of money, you’ll get to experience Salcombe in all it’s beauty without the bustling summer crowds. 

Become a Local

Local culture can either make or break a holiday location, over the past few years holidaymakers want to feel less like a tourist, and more like a local. 

Visit Salcombe in May to experience the real local way of life. Families who visit in the summer will usually experience Salcombe usually don’t have much time to get to know the culture that surrounds South Devon, but in May you can really experience Salcombe from a local point of view. Businesses aren’t as busy and have time to really get to know each and every visitor. 

For a much more relaxed holiday, visiting in May ensures that you will really fit in with the Devonshire lifestyle and live like a Devonian. The market streets are a lot more serene without the busy summer crowds and you may find a few shops that you’ve never seen before. 

Our holiday cottages offer you the unique opportunity to experience Salcombe in luxury, as well as live like locals do! In your own personal cottage you can immerse yourself in any location, we even offer rural properties.

Uninterrupted Photographs 

Lying in the South Devon Area of Natural Beauty, Salcombe is known for its photogenic scenery and natural beauty. It’s integral when you visit that you take at least one scenic photograph to show your friends and family. 

Many nature photographers will take advantage of the quiet scenes in May to get completely uninterrupted pictures of South Devon’s most beautiful natural places. You can take a long stroll and capture some amazing scenery with no beach balls accidentally falling into the shot.

Not everyone can get up close and personal with Salcombe’s nature. Visiting in May allows you the exclusive opportunity to take a scenic walk with your favourite camera, capturing scenes and wildlife that are usually hidden by the hustle and bustle of the summer months. 

Salcombe Walks

Endless Indoor Activities

The reason we don’t believe that Salcombe has an official ‘off-season’ is because of the range of indoor activities that are on offer in the town and its surrounding areas. One that we would recommend as a must is the Dartmouth Steam Railway. Usually packed with families and children in the summer months, in May the railway is filled with train enthusiasts and tourists just looking to relax.

We would recommend their famous Round Robin day trip, a steam train journey, ferry crossing, river cruise and bus ride. Imagine yourself steaming up the glass of the window next to you, as you’re hypnotized by Salcombe’s natural beauty. You do not want to miss this experience!

The steam railway and riverboats are filled with history, dating back to the 19th Century. In May, the train conductors have a lot more time per traveller than they do in summer, therefore giving you the perfect opportunity to listen to some amazing tales and really get to know the local history. Furthermore, you’re a lot more likely to remember your trip with an amazing, uninterrupted photograph of yourself on Salcombe’s steam railway.

Hidden Beaches

South Devon is filled with secret coves and hidden beaches for you to discover. May is the best weather to explore our gorgeous town and uncover some of Salcombe’s secrets. Hidden coves usually aren’t that hidden in the summer months. Visiting in May allows you the opportunity to relax the way that you’re supposed to on our secret coves. 

Pack your warm parkas, wellington boots and fluffy socks because you will not want the cold to hold you back from such exquisite scenes. Wrap yourself up warm and head out early in the morning to see Salcombe as serene as it gets. 

The Best Local Produce

Here in Salcombe, we are proud of our amazing local produce. The benefit of staying in one of our luxury holiday cottages is that you can really take advantage of all the amazing foods to offer in your very own kitchen. With May signalling the beginning of spring, what better time is there to visit Salcombe and try our fresh ingredients. 

Salcombe Delicatessen & Sandwich Shop

Furthermore, a lot of the famous restaurants that you know and love from Salcombe run on seasonal menus. If you visit Salcombe in May, you’ll find that you might have a new favourite dish by the end of your stay. 

It’s time to stop imagining your perfect Salcombe get away and begin living the dream. You can browse our luxury holiday homes Salcombe and start planning for your May trip to the seaside whilst availability lasts.

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