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Dec 9, 2021 | Property Owners

In this blog, Dupere Design share their tips for creating the perfect holiday home.

Holiday homes are places to unwind, have fun and use as a base to explore the local area. Aesthetically your holiday home needs to strike the perfect balance with an interior that appeals to everyone but without being bland and boring. There should be all the essential mod cons and comfortable beds and good bathrooms are a MUST. Nobody likes a lumpy bed or a feeble shower!  

When renovating and styling a property we have four design rules that we apply to all our projects and a fifth we use for holiday homes.

1. Set a Budget

Try and set a realistic budget for your project. Remember to make provision for delivery costs and people’s time as that all adds up. We would recommend setting your budget at roughly the amount you are prepared to spend and then adding 10% for the unforeseen and ‘nice to have’ items. Your interior designer will be able to help you with the budgeting.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Holiday Home

2. It’s Got To Work

Making sure your holiday home is fit for purpose is all about the practicalities.

Everything including the flooring, upholstery and furniture needs to stand up to heavy use, especially with year-round letting now on the increase.  When planning the layout and contents of the rooms you also need to consider the changeover team who will to be in and out quickly leaving your property pristine for the next visitors.

3. Must Look Good

The home has to look good and photograph well as this is what is going to sell and set your property apart from the competition. Most importantly it should be a lovely space for you to enjoy your family holidays. How to make it look good, well that will take several more blogs! 

One useful tip. Go around the house and take photos on your phone as this is how a lot of potential guests will see it for the first time. A photo gives you a 2D view, which makes it easier to spot ‘gaps’ in the scheme. If you are wanting to let the house throughout the year it is also worth taking photos after dark with the lights on to ensure the house will be welcoming and cosy in the winter for guests wanting somewhere to stay off-season.

It is definitely worth hiring an interior designer. Most are very flexible in the way they work and will be happy to either oversee the whole project or provide just a few hours of consultation and advice. It will be money well spent and more often than not will actually save you money in the long run.

4. Make A Timeline

Many of our clients are keen to realise a return on their holiday home as soon as possible. Therefore getting the property finished and marketed ready for the premium Easter and summer holiday seasons is an obvious deadline. Make sure you start your project as early as you can as I can guarantee there will be delays!

5. Go the Extra Mile

This is all about the finishing touches and attention to detail. For example, include a local ordnance survey map, a book on local walks, a history of the area, a cool box, a picnic rug; the sort of thoughtful and useful items that will make your guests feel welcome and make their stay that extra bit special. 

Make sure there is ample crockery, cutlery and glasses that are easy, and not expensive, to replace. We always buy a few spares that can be kept aside, which saves a lot of time and hassle if the change over team come across a breakage.

We always advise clients to think carefully where they place things they value and it is a good idea to have a cupboard where you can lock away any really precious items that you’d prefer guests not to use (and maybe a bottle of Salcombe gin and some tonic water for when you arrive!)

Dupere design

It’s a good idea to have a test run. After a week’s holiday in your home, you will soon find out if you need extra hanging hooks, ice trays, or perhaps another side table. Don’t eat out every day; stay in, do some cooking and that way you will identify any gaps in the kitchen kit.  Be really critical, question everything and make sure there is plenty of those all-important creature comforts like cushions, reading lights, extra blankets/throws etc. You are aiming for a perfect week’s stay, whatever the weather.

Hopefully, our design rules are helpful and your holiday home project is an enjoyable, creative experience that results in a home you and your guests will love and make many happy memories.



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