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Nov 27, 2014 | Area Guides, Salcombe

I am so lucky to be based in Salcombe as it is full of wonderful people and some great independent shops, brilliant things to do and of course it is totally stunning. Simply wandering through the streets never gets boring for me – here are 10 things I tend to always notice.
1. The view over the estuary from about half way up Allenhayes Road is magical and uninterrupted. It changes with the seasons and the huge Magnolia tree at the top of the steps linking Allenhayes Road to Devon Road has the most beautiful large pink flowers when in bloom.

2. Those that have visited Salcombe for many years may remember like I do the parrot that used to be outside Frobishers Rest (a cottage just next to the arch beside the Fortescue Inn). Even though he is no more, I smile at the memory of spending hours trying to get the parrot to talk back to me whilst leaning through the metal railings.

3. The steps in Salcombe make me smile (well, perhaps a little less on the way up!) because they have fantastic tiles with interesting designs. Where else would you see steep steps that are so magical in the UK? On that note, I marvel at the steepness of Acland Road which links Allenhayes Road to Bonaventure Road. Try running up that for a fitness challenge!
4. Buckland Street is so Devonian to me – narrow streets, pretty pastel cottages and there are some lovely well-tended gardens to sneak a peak at. A plus is that there is little traffic meaning I can meander without getting flustered by passing cars.

5. Victoria Quay – an iconic part of Salcombe with perfect pastel chocolate box houses in a row, a pontoon in front of the sea wall and the bright orange lifeboat as a beacon of safety and bravery. This place is the scene for so many happy memories for me – eating ice-creams, crabbing, jumping off the wall into the water, eating fish and chips, sitting on the wall taking in the ebb and flow of the tide and scoffing my bag of sweets from Cranch’s.

6. I take heart in looking at the gentle curve of the building in which Coleman’s Butchers is situated. The fact that the business is a family affair seems so human compared to the big supermarket stores which dont enjoy the same depth of provenance.
7. One of my favourite little back streets is off to the right about a third of the way down the steps to the Ferry Inn. I still don’t know its name, but I know that the path leads to the shoreline where I can have a fab view of the water without jostling for position, or go for a stroll along the foreshore at low tide.

8. Between the shoe shop and Lloyd’s bank there are steps leading up to the narrowest lane in Salcombe! Surely only a little smart car can drive along there?! Walking between stone walls feels I am being protected from something and there are fabulous views over the town once high enough up the lane.

9. Robinson’s Row is another little gem of Salcombe – right in the thick of town but tucked away and tranquil. The flower-lined narrow path leading from Robinson Row up to Devon Road is delightful. Who looks after it, I wonder?
10. There is a shortcut from just next to the Redfern Health Centre leading up through what feels like a huge forest to half way up Onslow Road. It immediately transports me to being in an adventure as I scramble up the often muddy path!

These are just my thoughts – what little bits do you spot when you go for a wander around Salcombe?

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