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Jun 20, 2014 | Salcombe

With its secluded golden sandy beaches, crystal clear emerald waters and hidden coves it’s no wonder that Salcombe is known as one of the most beautiful places on the south coast of the UK. It’s even officially an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty so it must be true! There are lots of fun activities on the water to be experienced, miles of coastal walks to explore and bucket loads of sunshine to boot.


But what about those lesser-known facts about Salcombe? This infographic will give you the low down on some sizzling Salcombe statistics. And if you fancy checking it out for yourself why not take a look at our luxury accommodation in salcombe and come for a visit?

Did you know that Salcombe is home to a rare UK seahorse population due to the eel grass beds which create the perfect nursery for baby seahorses? And over 1300 tonnes of crab is landed in Salcombe each year with most of it being exported to Spain, Portugal and China.

There are three RYA approved sailing schools operating out of the estuary. If you managed to capsize your boat, you’ll be swimming in the sea which peaks at 16 degrees C in August!

Residents in Salcombe talk about a microclimate. Over the year there are 1600 hours of sunshine to enjoy and in July an average air temperature of 19.8 degrees C – perhaps they are right! With all that warm weather there are over 10 sandy beaches to enjoy including 1 internationally recognised Blue Flag Award-Winner at South Sands.

On to food, and according to Salcombe Dairy Ice-cream, the most popular flavour has always been honeycomb but this year The Sal’combe (salted honeycomb) is becoming a very strong contender! For those with a sweet tooth, there are over 300 varieties of sweets to be found at Cranch’s Sweetshop which has been going since 1869 – they know their sherbet from their dip-dab. The recognisable pink and white striped sweet bags spill out of most children’s pockets.

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