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Sep 22, 2014 | Dartmouth, Food and Drink, Kingsbridge, Strete

British cheese is known for being delicious but British wine? Hmm, not so sure? Then it’s well worth a visit to the Sharpham vineyard and creamery to try out their fantastic vinos (and of course to scoff some Fromage under the vines).

Sharpham is close to Totnes; a 45-minute drive from our Salcombe holiday homes through beautiful countryside. The set-up feels very French – vine-covered eating and drinking areas with shabby chic furniture and a dog stretched out on the terrace soaking up the warmth from the sun. All we need now is an old boy with a faded cap and pickled face…

We don’t spot him, but are warmly invited to start our tour around the estate taking in the stunning setting. Vines grow uniformly over terra firma and the River Dart winds its tranquil way around the sleepy creeks and fingers of Sharpham land which nose out into the lapping waters.

Back to HQ and our eyes bulge as we see empty glasses, wooden platters filled with cheese and, more importantly, full bottles of wine. Like a scene out of ‘A Year in Provence’ we sit and sup and taste as we learn from our knowledgable guide about the grape varieties used and the provenance behind each of the wines we try.

The cheeses are heavenly and melt-in-the-mouth good. Most are made courtesy of a beautiful Jersey herd who wander the Sharpham estate. The Sharpham Brie is a hit, as it Sharpham Savour – a cheese produced with goat’s cheese and enriched with cow’s cream. Even the goats cheese haters in the group fell in love with this one!

The 14 different styles of wine are hard to get hold of away from the Vineyard purely because of the small quantities produced, but you can find their best selling Sharpham Brie in many of the delicatessens in South Devon.

For more information on the cheeses and wines available we recommend looking at the Sharpham website http://www.sharpham.com/ or even better, going for a visit yourself.

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