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Nov 6, 2020 | Area Guides

Have your summer holiday plans been cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic?

Are you looking for safe places to go on holiday when lockdown ends? Are you considering a September Holiday In The UK?

It seems like everyone is suffering from isolation fever a month into a UK wide lockdown. Parents in particular are starting to ask ‘when can we escape the house and go on a holiday’ Unfortunately, the answer is, ‘not yet’.

Any attempts to book a Spring or Summer holiday have been delayed this year due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. With the UK lockdown recently extended until mid-May and strict no-travel rules in place across not only the UK but much of Europe, The US and the Far East, a much needed holiday won’t realistically be possible until later this summer.

If you are thinking about planning a post-lockdown adventure read on, you may want to consider a stay-cation right here in the UK.

UK holidays after lockdown

Lots of people travel abroad on their summer holidays. This could all change in a post-Covid-19 world. We’re not suggesting that a beach holiday on a mediterranean island is a thing of the past. However, the UK could be the best place to go on holiday in 2020…and for good reason.

Staying healthy on holiday

Many will worry about remaining safe and healthy in countries that aren’t equipped with robust health systems like the NHS. Health insurance for foreign holidays may also become more expensive until a widely available vaccine is found.

Without being able to guarantee high levels of hygiene and cleanliness (that may leave some vulnerable to contracting the Coronavirus), holiday goers may favour the relative safety of staying in the UK for their holidays.

Your money goes further

When the lockdown is lifted, a UK holiday destination will be the best place to spend your money. This is because the pound has dropped against other currencies such as the dollar and the Euro. This means that trips abroad are likely to be more expensive.

You will get much more for your money in the UK than if you were abroad due to unfavourable exchange rates, as well as avoid spending money on expensive flights.

A third advantage to spending your holiday funds in the UK could be that you assist in boosting the local economy. Helping businesses that have been starved of income during lockdown will help the UK to recover quicker.

Cheaper holidays

If you are craving a holiday, you’re not on your own. When travel restrictions start to lift many travel and holiday companies will be vying for your attention. They know that the demand for holidays will be high. All of these holiday companies will be trying to tempt holiday goers with great deals in order to win their business.

However, with many predicting (including us) that holiday makers will stay in the UK this year, holiday companies will look to discount UK holiday packages. So, if you want to save money and get a great deal, take a holiday in the UK in 2020.

September holidays in the UK

Although we don’t know what will happen with the Coronavirus pandemic we would suggest blocking some time out in September for a holiday.

The effects of this pandemic have widely been tipped to linger into the peak holiday season of July and August.

September may be a perfect time to pack your bags and get some much needed time away from the house. If you have children the first week of September could be an ideal window for a UK holiday. If you don’t have kids, holiday destinations will be much quieter.

Here in Britain, we are no strangers to a late Indian Summer throughout September into October. So, just because you might not have been able to hit the beach throughout July and August, it doesn’t mean that you’ll miss out on catching some rays.

view across Salcombe representing September Holidays In The UK

Where to go on holiday in the UK after lockdown

If we’ve convinced you that the UK is a great place to take a stay-cation later this year, your next question might be ‘where should we go on holiday?’ The answer might be one of the nation’s favourite UK holiday destinations – Devon or Cornwall.

The UK is blessed with some stunning coastal and inland locations perfect for holiday-makers. Sadly, the Coronavirus has spread to all corners of the UK. However, according to figures recorded, the South West is one of the safest areas in terms of Covid-19-related cases and deaths figures.

The South West (specifically Devon and Cornwall) has recorded one of the lowest figures for cases of Covid-19 out of all the areas in the UK. Wales and Ireland reporting slightly less cases. This may be because people that own second homes in both Devon and Cornwall have been discouraged from isolating themselves there. Experts think that this may have shielded locals in those areas.

If this continues to be the case, both counties will remain a relatively safe place to visit when lockdown ends. It’s not yet known how the government plans to control the relaxing of travel restrictions to avoid a further backlash of Covid-19 cases in previously safe areas. For now, it may be a good idea to monitor cases in places you may want to go on holiday.

South West holidays

Devon and Cornwall are both ideal places to go on holiday. This is because they are very rural locations. It’s easy to social distance because you’re surrounded by the countryside. Both Devon and Cornwall are very peaceful and laid back places to visit if you avoid tourist hotspots.

If you are looking for a place to relax and recuperate the south coast in particular is the perfect place. The weather tends to be a lot calmer on the south coast than the north. The beaches are golden and the cliff top walks offer stunning views.

In Salcombe, we are blessed with several areas of outstanding natural beauty perfect for a quiet getaway. We think it’s a great place to go on holiday because there are lots of things to do in and around the area.

Check out our Great things to do near Salcombe article to learn about how great South Devon is for a holiday.

September holidays in Devon

At Salcombe Finest we offer beautiful holiday lettings at competitive prices. Salcombe and the surrounding area is an ideal holiday location for couples, families and solo travellers. Whether you love the countryside or the beach, Salcombe has it all. A September Holiday In The UK could be just the ticket.

Get in touch with us today to learn about booking a late summer holiday with us!

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