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Jul 27, 2015 | Activities, Salcombe

Holidays are often associated with over-indulgence and sustained periods of inactivity. In fact, the average UK tourist puts on up to a stone on a fortnight-long getaway. However, some prefer their holiday packed full of sport and keep-fit activities. Those active types don’t have to look much further than Salcombe, in Devon. Not only is Salcombe part of the South Devon Area of Outstanding Beauty, the picturesque town boasts an extensive waterfront, and naturally sheltered harbour, meaning it could not be more suited to water sports. If that’s not your cup of tea, Salcombe’s myriad rustic trails provide stimulating, not to mention breathtaking, hiking opportunities. Still not convinced a Salcombe holiday house is the right action packed break for you? Well, here is a list of all the exhilarating, calorie-burning activities you could end up missing out on.


Of all the extreme fitness workouts available, scuba diving ranks among the highest for calorie burn – a whopping 900 per hour on average. Furthermore, it also targets specific areas of the body, such as the hips, thighs, and abs, to improve overall tone and shape.


Hiking remains ever-popular in Salcombe, due to the outstanding natural beauty of the surroundings, as well as the fitness enhancing potential. A particularly enjoyable hike will take you from East Portlemouth on a circular trail to Gara Rock – great for the body and great for the soul. Calculating the calories burned from hiking is complex, as it heavily depends on terrain, intensity and pack-weight. However, the average person should burn between 150 to 200 calories on a hike.


For those who like their water sports with a heavy dose of adrenaline, Salcombe also offers numerous kayaking opportunities. A highly popular spot is the Salcombe Estuary itself, which features safe landing and launching sites, as well as ample facilities to keep you going. Kayaking also rates highly on calorie burning potential – 200 per hour on average, so long as you’re not relaxing in the back seat!


Another one for the adrenaline junkies, waterskiing is both an exhilarating experience, as well as a powerful fitness enhancer. Those who fancy hurtling over choppy waters at great speed should head out to Starehole bay down just outside the Salcombe-Kingsbridge Estuary. Once there, they’ll find an array of high speed, high calorie burning activities – 324 per hour to be exact.


It hardly needs to be said that Salcombe’s proximity to the sea provides numerous opportunities for swimming. Whether you fancy a paddle at Sunny Cove, the larger Mill Bay, the Cable Cove, the Small’s Cove, or perhaps the Fisherman’s Cove, Salcombe was practically built for swimming. Furthermore, scientists and doctors alike are united in their agreement that swimming is among the most fruitful activities for fitness and overall health. Unlike many other high-intensity sports, swimming does not put undue strain on the body, meaning you can have a decent workout without the fear of sustaining a serious injury. As far as calorie burning goes, swimming doesn’t disappoint either – fast swimming burns an average of 590 an hour, while slower swimming nets 314.


Of all Salcombe’s water sports opportunities windsurfing is among the most challenging, requiring patience, practice, and skill. Nevertheless, those who master windsurfing (or can go at least 30 seconds without falling off), are rewarded with a feeling of sublime satisfaction, not to mention a substantial workout. Competent amateurs can normally expect to burn about 500 calories windsurfing; the real pros regularly burn as much as 1,000. Weight-lifters will also be able to skip the gym that day, as windsurfing necessitates a high intensity arm workout.


Relaxing, rewarding, and a mainstay of Devon’s leisure world, sailing is perfect on your own or with a group, and can provide a great sense of inner peace. You may also be interested to know that simply moving the sale around can turn into a workout its own right. Sailing burns a respectable 115 calories an hour on average. So there we have it. If you want to experience a great holiday without gaining a great amount of weight, consider staying at a Salcombe holiday house. There are many charming options available, all of which can provide well-deserved rest and relaxation at the end of an action-packed day.

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