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Oct 15, 2021 | Events, Salcombe

Salcombe is the perfect place to really get into the spirit of Halloween this October. The incredible surroundings that are so beautiful when drenched in honey sunlight in the summer take on an exciting mystique as the nights become longer and the days shorter. 

South Devon’s rugged coastline lends itself to this time of year, and we at Salcombe Finest will make your stay as comfortable and fun as possible in this spookiest season. 

Spooky things to do with the whole family

A family trip to the south Devon coast during Halloween is a fantastic way to see the best that Autumn has to offer. As the leaves start to fall, the town of Salcombe has a unique cosy atmosphere enhanced by the beautiful vistas and delicious food available in town. 

The great benefit of staying at one of our luxury holiday cottages is that you have immediate access to all of the delights that the town has to offer. The local stores have a great range of locally sourced produce, and you may even find that perfect pumpkin for carving! Maybe you could go bobbing for apples, or go trick or treating around the town? With our properties in easy access to amenities, you won’t be wanting for choice.

At the beginning of October, there is the Salcombe Live festival, which will be hosted on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of October with a plethora of entertainment from live music, comedy and entertainment! Learn more here on our blog about the event. If you have missed Salcombe Live then have no fear! There is regular music at the local pubs to enjoy and plenty of activities too. There’s even a ‘Make your own chocolate lolly’ workshop from 21st October – 28th October at the Salcombe Dairy, which may not be the most spooky activity, but certainly would be a delicious treat for the whole family.

Salcombe’s nature in Autumn

Autumn is one of the best times of year to visit this stunning part of the world, as there are far fewer crowds making the perfect opportunity to take some amazing photographs. Many birds migrate to south Devon around this time of year including Skylarks, Meadow Pipits, Swallows and Martins. You may even see some Sparrowhawks, Hobbys or Merlins on the hunt. 

The surroundings of Salcombe are perfect for an afternoon stroll with the kaleidoscope leaves falling around and a pumpkin spice coffee in one hand from a local cafe and a dog lead in the other. If walks in nature don’t get you invigorated then there is still plenty to do this Autumn in Salcombe.

Why not check out the Dartmouth Steam Railway, which dates back to the 19th century, to really feel like you’re on a Victorian-era adventure with Sherlock and Watson. You may even hear the howl of the Hound of the Baskervilles, which is set on our very own Dartmoor. In Autumn the misty hills are filled with mystery and intrigue, just the right thing to excite the minds of parents and kids alike, as you explore the picturesque landscape of South Devon. 

Spookiness around Salcombe

Salcombe is not unfamiliar with stories of the supernatural. The town itself is very ancient, with one of the few bronze age ships in England being washed up on her rugged shores, containing treasure from the time made in France. There are many shipwrecks deep of the coast, including the Salcombe Cannon wreck, which contained 400 gold Morrocan coins that ended up under the sea near Salcombe in the early 17th century. Who knows what other mysteries lie at the bottom of the emerald green sea…

There are also many ghost stories around south Devon, with the pub the Pilchard Inn, which is on a small piece of land known as Burgh Island situated along the coast near Salcombe, having a ghost by the name of Tom Crocker who was supposed to be a local smuggler. He is said to be seen wandering around the island that he once called home, particularly around the porch of the Pilchard around his anniversary.

If you really think you can handle a freight, a few miles from Salcombe is the famous (or should I say infamous) Berry Pomeroy manor. One of the most haunted locations in the entire UK, this undeniably picturesque castle has been the subject of countless ghost sightings throughout the years.

Where to stay this October

If the prospect of staying somewhere beautiful, with a fascinating history and a delightful town right at your doorstep sounds like the perfect way to spend your Halloween, then you are in luck, we at Salcombe Finest provide just that. 


If you want a truly dramatic view then you will need to get accommodation by the sea, luckily, we at Salcombe Finest have a wide selection of beautiful houses with stunning views of the waves crashing against the coast. Have a look through our selection of beautiful luxury accommodation that includes properties with picturesque views of the harbour.

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