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Jan 9, 2020 | Dogs, Food and Drink, Salcombe

If you want to take your dog out and about to discover Salcombe, it’s important to know where you can and can’t take them. Luckily, there are plenty of dog-friendly pubs in Salcombe as well as multiple bars, restaurants and coffee shops where your four-legged friend can join you while you enjoy a drink or a meal.  Pubs and restaurants are some of the best things to do in Salcombe with dogs. Lots of local pubs, cafes and restaurants love having your furry friends dine with you. So we’ve compiled a list of dog-friendly pubs and restaurants in Salcombe.

Dog-Friendly Pubs & Bars in Salcombe, Devon

The Ferry Inn
The waterside terrace welcomes big groups and furry friends.  If the weather isn’t playing ball, however, nestle into the cosy top bar. Paws on the floors is the rule here, and you will be rewarded with a tasty dog treat as well as keeping thirst at bay with your own dog bowl provided.

The Fortescue
With multiple seating areas to this dog-friendly pub, dogs can roam around and sniff to their heart’s content.  They are not allowed in the back restaurant but there is still plenty of room for humans to sit and eat and they can join you at your feet.  There are doggy treats behind the bar and there is always a water bowl outside to slurp from. NB, they also have dog-friendly accommodation upstairs.

Salcombe Harbour Hotel
If you find yourself craving a cocktail James Bond style, then you can enjoy one with your dog at this hotel bar. But, only if you sit outside on the terrace. That is no bad thing though as it boasts views stretching across the estuary. No dogs are allowed in the restaurant, however.

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Salcombe, Devon

South Sands Hotel
Four-legged visitors to South Sands Hotel watch out; you may be papped!  With an Instagram account of their own, dogs are welcomed here with open arms.  When deciding what to slake your thirst with at the bar you will also notice pigs ears and other natural treats for your trusty pal.  If you are lucky enough to stay the night, each room has a dog basket, bowl, blanket and treats too!


Image credit: Instagram @southsandsdoggies

The Winking Prawn
With a roomy outside area, it’s a no brainer to take the dog for a walk on North Sands beach and pop in here for lunch after. This dog-friendly restaurant also offers free dog treats for good behaviour!

Sailor V
The filled dog bowl that welcomes you outside this restaurant will immediately entice you and your furry friend in for a light lunch.  Make sure to settle your pup under the table so the staff don’t trip over them.

The Victoria
Blankets to dry off wet muddy paws, water bowls, doggy beer, and even a substantial ‘A La Bark’ Menu makes The Victoria perhaps the most dog-friendly restaurant in Salcombe. Pigs ears, rawhide chews and Bonio’s will keep them happy while you drink and dine to your heart’s content.  All proceeds from the doggy treats go to the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People Charity. What’s not to love!?

The Kings Arms
Dog-Friendly bar and restaurant until 5:30 pm where the restaurant likes to remain human only. But you can still eat in the bar or outside with them.

The Wardroom
Views for your dog won’t get much better than sitting on the terrace at The Wardroom.  On colder days they can join you inside.

Salcombe Coffee Shop
The dog bowl outside this coffee shop is topped up as regularly as the coffee cups! There are doggy biscuits to help yourself to, or you can “even upgrade to a sausage sandwich or perhaps a steak tartare!” Andrew (Owner)


Image credit: facebook.com/pg/salcombecoffee

Captain Flints
Back by popular demand! you can now join the queue with your dogs. As long as they aren’t too cute they distract the staff!

Island Street Bar and Grill
The dog-friendly sign jumps out at you as you walk into Island Street’s Bar and Grill.  Just like their human patrons, dogs need to be on best behaviour and can stay as long as you like. Water bowls, free treats and even Salcombe Pet Food are for sale here so you all get to enjoy some delicious grub.

The Crab Shed – if you are lucky enough to eat at the Crab Shed with the sun shining then the only thing you need to worry about is your dog getting over-excited by a sweeping seagull following local fishermen arriving with their latest catch.  Dog-friendly and fresh seafood, yum yum!

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We all know how important a ‘Man’s best friend’ is, so it’s important our furry friends can accompany us wherever we go.  We have a range of dog-friendly cottages in Salcombe so that your canine companion doesn’t miss out on the fun.


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