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Jan 9, 2023 | Dartmouth, Strete, Walks

Dartmouth to Sugary Cove

Distance: 2 miles

Starting point: Coronation Park, Dartmouth town centre

Please note: there are 70 steep steps down to the beach

Dartmouth to Sugary Cove is a relatively easy stroll. This remote, rocky secluded cove is the perfect spot to escape the crowds. The beach is open all year round and it’s dog friendly too. Sugary Cove is a great place for a spot of wild swimming but becomes completely cut off at high water so check tide times before visiting. If you arrive at high tide, why not picnic on Sugary Green, just above the beach or head back to the tea room for tea and cake at the Dartmouth Castle cafe.

  • From Coronation Park on the North Embankment, close to the Dartmouth Higher Ferry. With the river in front of you, turn right.
  • Walk along the Embankment towards the end of Coronation Park and past the Boat Float.
  • Keep walking along the Embankment and turn right at the end, through Cole’s Court.
  • Take a left turn into Lower Street and follow the road down beside the river to Bayard’s Cove Fort. 
  • From the old castle at Bayards Cove head up the steps onto Southtown and turn left
  • Follow the path until you reach Warfleet Road, head to Gallants Bower.
  • Follow the footpath through the woods until it drops down to Castle Road where you turn left and follow the road to Dartmouth Castle.
  • From the Castle take the coastal footpath from the road, follow for 200 meters then head down 70 steep rock steps down to the beach.

Look out for seals bobbing in the water while you’re swimming. This secret cove has a secret channel accessed through a gap in the rocks which links Sugary Cove to Castle Cove. (We advise not attempting this channel unless you’re a competent swimmer).

More about Sugary Cove including current tide times here.

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