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Jun 26, 2019 | Food and Drink, Salcombe

Cranch’s sweet shop has to be the ultimate. In this small shop which has been going since 1869, their walls are full to the ceiling with jars of sweets, boxes of penny sweets and chunks of fudge. This is total heaven for most children and for adults, it brings back many happy childhood memories.

Their pink and white striped bags are instantly recognisable (and spill out of most children’s pockets!) Our favourite sweets strawberry and lemon bonbons – perfection!

Cranch’s Sweetshop in Salcombe

Cranch’s Sweetshop is legendary here in Salcombe for its amazing traditional treats. So if you’re looking for a sweet spot (get it?) to visit during your stay, then Cranch’s is the place for you.  

Set in the heart of Salcombe, it’s hard to miss its quirky decor and the iconic pink and white striped paper bags. Established in 1869, Cranch’s was a family run business for just over 100 years, until 1970, and the sweets were originally made in the back of the sweet shop itself. Starting out selling just boiled candy, the store has developed over time and now stocks a wide range of sweets, fudge and chocolate.

Whatever you can imagine, Cranch’s Sweetshop is sure to have it. Our personal favourites are the strawberry and lemon Bon Bons. You can also find Flying Saucers, Space Dust, Jelly Beans, Black Jacks, Fruit Salads and not forgetting the huge range of delicious fudge they supply!

Celebrating Cranch’s Sweetshop’s Birthday

The Sweetshop will be celebrating its 150th birthday this year and boy oh boy are we excited! Your kids will enter sweet heaven. For the adults; you’ll be taking a trip down memory lane, with retro sweets filled to the ceiling in glass jars.

Along every street in Salcombe, it is guaranteed that you will spot a child enjoying a bag of tasty penny sweets with a huge smile on their face. It’s a rite of passage that every single child (and possibly adult) goes into Cranch’s multiple times during their stay and it is where nearly all pocket money is spent!

We went on a hunt for people with white and pink paper bags to ask them what was inside! To our joy there was a wide range of children and adults enjoying their seaside treats. All seemed exquisitely thrilled with what they had purchased when we interviewed them.

We met Archie, the 8-year-old chocolate fanatic! Isobel who loved her sugary cherries. Let’s not forget Dad, who of course opted for the timeless Bon Bons! We spoke to lots more people as well who all chose different sweets. There really is something for everyone.

Take a look at the short video we put together – this is just a sneak peek at the wonders that lay within Cranch’s sweet shop.

If that hasn’t made you hungry for snacks then I’m not sure what else will. Don’t just take our word for it though, come visit Salcombe and try out the legendary sweets for yourself! 

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