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Oct 1, 2020 | Hope Cove, Kingsbridge, Salcombe, Strete, Walks

To say it’s attractive around the Salcombe area is an understatement. We need to pull out adjectives such as breathtaking, spectacular, dramatic and dazzling! Going for a walk is the ultimate way to see this wonderful part of South Devon and reconnect with nature. Of course, only when you are staying in one of our Finest Salcombe holiday homes!

Salcombe to Snapes Point

4.5 miles starting from Shadycombe car park in town (or 2.75 miles starting at Snapes car park).

[blockquote align=”left” reverse=”off”]‘This lovely tranquil mosey winds around sleepy creeks and fingers of land nosing out into the lapping waters, with brilliant and surprising views to keep your senses sharp.’[/blockquote]


If you are in Salcombe you will notice the outcrop of land opposite you to the left (and usually sporting a flock of sheep). That is Snapes Point and the views from there are exquisite – you can see down the Southpool creek, up the bag towards Kingsbridge, Batson Creek, along the estuary and out to sea, and of course, there is a cracking view of Salcombe town itself.

You can either start this walk from Shadycombe car park or from the Snapes car park.

Snapes Point

East Portlemouth to Gara Rock

3.75 miles – download the route.

[blockquote align=”left” reverse=”off”]‘Step out along the coast path from the Salcombe Estuary to meet the wide open sea. The exhilarating scenery, and a wonderful way to get the wind in your sails.’[/blockquote]

This is an exhilarating walk around the dramatic Devon coastline. The views up and down the Salcombe estuary, of secluded beaches, coves and out to sea are breathtaking. Just over half-way, there is the Gara Rock restaurant – perfect for a refreshing drink, lunch or slice of cake to boost those energy levels!

The start of the walk is a little adventure in itself as you’ll need to jump onto the passenger ferry from Salcombe to the other side.

Salcombe View Walk

Salcombe to Bolt Head

2.75 miles starting just past South Sands (3.25 extended route starting in the centre of Salcombe).

[blockquote align=”left” reverse=”off”]‘‘Passing through an enchanted landscape of rocky spires and jumbled pinnacles, with inspiring views in all directions, this is a coastal walk guaranteed to lift the spirits.’[/blockquote]

The start of this walk provides sensational views up the Salcombe estuary and out to sea. On a stormy day it is exhilarating seeing the waves crash onto the nearby rocks and huge waves rolling over the bar.

Winding along the path takes you through rocky outcrops towards Starehole Bay (a popular bay for waterskiing, wake boarding a generally going hell for leather on a boat!) This is also the resting place of the famous Herzogin Cecile – the fastest marchant sailing ship of her time.

We love this walk as sometimes you might be lucky enough to see the wild ponies or even the friendly cows!


Another couple of options are:

Hope Cove to Bolberry Down

‘A walk of towering cliffs, endless coastal views, scenes and stories of shipwrecks, and the charm of Devon lanes winding between abundant hedgebanks with the beautiful, nestled fishing village of Hope Cove to start from and return to.’

East Prawle and Prawle Point

‘A wonderful walk taking in spectacular coastal scenery and ancient green lanes, in one of the richest spots in Devon for plants and wildlife.’

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